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  • Recent E-mail from "Wayne": "I just learned today that we once again have access to the river through Becks Lake. I drove over right away and was struck by a sense of nostalgia for the years when we used to launch at the old facility. I am also very impressed by the potential that I see. I wish you well and will be a frequent customer. I hope your plans all come to full fruition."
  • Comment from a young Navy couple: "We had a great time in one of your primitive camp-sites. We'll go back to NAS "Mainside" and tell our friends that there is now a campground with fishing & boating that's not so far away."
  • Comment from Robert Parker, a local realtor: "I've known about this wonderful place all my life but it was not available to the public for over 30 years. This is a terrific addition to the recreational choices that the citizens of Escambia County have. It has the potential to be one of the best fresh-water "nature" parks in the Southeast!"
  • Comment from a frequent kayaker: "It's gorgeous out there!"
  • Comment from an Escambia River fisherman: "I'm glad this is back open. I've been running 14 miles up-river from "Swamphouse" to get here before!"
  • Story from an Escambia River fisherman: "I'm glad Becks Fish Camp's back open. I used to go to Quintet boat ramp. We were coming back to the landing one trip and I saw a truck pulling a trailer across the bridge that looked just like my trailer. It was mine! Quintet Ramp is a bad place."
  • Story from nice lady in a SUV: "It is so quiet and beautiful" (after driving down to the "point"). "I'm going to come back with my husband and our kayaks!"
  • Comment from a fisherman: "Becks Lake (Bayou) is the best fishing spot in Northwest Florida but ya got to know how to fish it."
  • Comment from a Cub Scout Leader: "Our hike was wonderful. I've lived nearby for years and didn't know it was here. We'll be back and I'd like for the Scout Troop my son's joining to work with you on this lovely place."
  • Comment a Cottage Hill resident: "It's so beautiful that after I got the boat out in the Bayou I forgot that I was there to fish!"

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