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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Can I bring my RV there?
    We have an area near the Farm Store with a few hookups for RVs and travel trailers. We also have an area with no hook-ups that we allow overnight camping near the waterfront. For there your vehicle must be totally self-contained and require no services. We can provide for a weekly pickup of your sewage by the truck that services the temporary toliets if requested.
    Send us an email of your desires or call the number at the bottom of this page for more information.
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  • Do you rent boats?
    No, not at this time. Please bring your own and enjoy. We're working to have guided horse tours and we may be able to start the boat rentals back at that time.
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  • Do you permit camping?
    Yes. We also have a number of primitive campsites throughout the property where you can pitch your tent. ost sites have a fire ring and picnic table. We also rent the pavillion at the fishing point out to organized groups. If you belong to a group or organization that would like to have a private party for a day or overnight then let us know by calling the phone number at the bottom of the page or sending us a request from the link on the main page.
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  • Can I hunt?
    You can't hunt on our property but We've been told by hunters that we're the best place to put-in to hunt in the Escambia River Wildlife Management Area which contains over 35,000 acres. Duck hunters have told us that we are their "base camp" during the season. There is a brochure describing the hunting rules of the Management Area located on the Florida Fish & Wildlife Web Page.
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  • How many acres do you own?
    I own over 400 acres and a sizable portion of that is classed as wetlands, which are very pretty and lie on the "lake" (bayou) with acres of beautiful Cypress trees.
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  • Can I ride my horse there?
    Horses are no longer permitted on the properties of Becks Fish Camp due to insurance restrictions. We hope to be able to find a cost effective insurance policy that will permit them and will post further information here when we know more. Until then no horses are allowed after June 1, 2016 and will be considered tresspassing.
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  • Can I ride my 4-wheeler there?
    No, sorry those are banned by the insurance company as well as horses.
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  • Do you offer guided nature or fishing trips?
    If you desire a guide service for fishing or hunting please call us and we'll help you find one.
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  • Is it really a lake?
    It's not really a lake. The original Beck's Lake" was west up Big Rock Creek a 1000 feet or more from the current Boat Launch. The earthern dam burst in the early part of the 20th century and now the lake no longer exists. What people today call the lake is really two arms (north & south) of a bayou with a 1/2 mile long channel that runs to the Escambia River. The depth of the bayou is from 6 to over 25 feet deep. This calm, still, deep water provides a perfect area to catch fish or just paddle around.
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  • Can I picnic there?
    We have several beautiful areas for picniking. Check out the "point" park as well as the North Landing which requires a short hike to reach. Most campsites have a picnic table. boat ramp and a couple down at the fishing point.
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  • Do you sell an annual Pass?
    An annual pass is available either through an order form on the website or by calling the number at the bottom of this page for more info. The cost is $95 and is good for 1 year. The pass gives unlimited visits to lauch your boat or to fish from the bank. Our pass includes access to both the south launch area as well as the north property from Cottage Hill by Vehicle to Harvester's Landing. Call Lessie @850-375-0383 to buy one.
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  • Do you sell fishing licenses and bait?
    At this time we do not sell bait or supplies. You can obtain a fishing license by phone or from most fishing tackle stores. For bait & other supplies we suggest either the Cantonment Feed Store or Billy Judah's.
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  • Who were the Becks?
    There were two brothers, one named Geno. They operated a sawmill on the property on Big Rock Creek which flows from the west to the boat launch area. They are said to be buried somewhere on the property. Also see the answer to the question about the "lake".
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